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  - L -

lakāra : [m.] a sail.

lakuṇṭaka : [adj.] dwarf.

lakkha : [nt.] a mark; a target; a stake at gambling; a mark in casting up accounts; a hundred thousand.

lakkhaṇa : [nt.] a sign; mark; characteristic; a prognosticative mark; a quality.

lakkhaṇapāṭhaka : [m.] an expert in interpreting signs.

lakkhaṇasampatti : [f.] excellency of marks.

lakkhaṇasampanna : [adj.] endowed with auspicious signs.

lakkhika : [adj.] fortunate.

lakkhita : [pp. of lakkheti] marked; distinguished; characterised.

lakkhī : [f.] good luck; prosperity; the deity of wealth.

lakkheti : [lakkh + e] marks; distinguishes; characterises.

lakkhetvā : [abs. of lakkheti] having marked; having distinguished; having characterised.

lakkhesi : [aor. of lakkheti] marked; distinguished; characterised.

laguḷa : [m.] a cudgel.

lagga : [adj.] stuck; attached to.

laggati : [lag + a] sticks; attaches; adheres to; hangs from.

laggana : [nt.] sticking; attachment; hanging from.

laggi : [aor. of laggati] stuck; attached; adhered to; hung from.

laggita : [pp. of laggati] stuck; attached; adhered to; hung from. (pp. of laggeti), hung on; stuck to.

laggeti : [lug + e] hangs on; sticks to.

laggetvā : [abs. of laggeti] having hung on; having stuck to.

laggesi : [aor. of laggeti] hung on; stuck to.

laṅgī : [f.] a bolt; a bar.

laṅgula : [nt.] tail.

laṅghaka : [m.] jumper; an acrobat.

laṅghati : [lagh + ṃ-a] jumps over; hops.

laṅghana : [nt.] jumping; hopping.

laṅghi : [aor. of laṅghati] jumped over; hopped. || laṅghī (m.) a jumper; a threshold.

laṅghita : [pp. of laṅgheti] jumped over; discharged; transgressed.

laṅghitvā : [abs. of laṅghati] having jumped over; having hopped.

laṅgheti : [lagh + e] jumps over; discharges; transgresses.

laṅghetvā : [abs. of laṅgheti] having jumped over; having discharged; having transgressed.

laṅghesi : [aor. of laṅgheti] jumped over; discharged; transgressed.

lacchati : [fut. of labhati] will get; will obtain; will attain. || lacchati = labhissati.

lajjati : [lajj + a] is ashamed or abashed.

lajjana : [nt.] becoming shameful.

lajjanta : [pr.p. of lajjati] abashing.

lajjamāna : [pr.p. of lajjati] abashing.

lajjā : [f.] shame; bashfulness.

lajjāpana : [nt.] putting to shame.

lajjāpita : [pp. of lajjāpeti] made ashamed.

lajjāpeti : [caus. of lajjati] makes ashamed.

lajjāpesi : [aor. of lajjāpeti] made ashamed.

lajji : [aor. of lajjati] was ashamed or abashed. || lajjī (adj.), feeling shame; modest; conscientious.

lajjita : [pp. of lajjati] was ashamed or abashed.

lajjitabbaka : [adj.] fit to be ashamed.

lajjitvā : [abs. of lajjati] having ashamed or abashed.

lañca : [m.] bribe.

lañcakhādaka : [adj.] receiving bribe.

lañcadāna : [nt.] bribery.

lañcha : [m.] a mark; an imprint.

lañchaka : [m.] one who marks of stamps.

lañchati : [lanch + a] marks; stamps; seals.

lañchana : [nt.] a mark; an imprint.

lañchi : [aor. of lañchati] marked; stamped; sealed.

lañchita : [pp. of lañchati or lañcheti] marked; stamped; sealed.

lañchitvā : [abs. of lañchati] having marked; having stamped; having sealed.

lañcheti : [lanch + e] marks; stamps; seals.

lañchetvā : [abs. of lañcheti] having marked; having stamped; having sealed.

lañchesi : [aor. of lañcheti] marked; stamped; sealed.

laṭukikā : [f.] the Indian quail.

laṭṭhi : [f.] a staff; a young tree.

laṭṭhikā : [f.] a staff; a young tree.

laṇḍa : [m.] dung of animals.

laṇḍikā : [f.] dung of animals.

latā : [f.] a creeper.

latākamma : [nt.] creeper-work (in painting).

laddha : [pp. of labhati or labbhati] obtained; received. || laddhā (abs. of labhati) having got, received, or attained.

laddhaka : [adj.] charming; pleasant.

laddhaguṇa : [m.] the virtues one has attained.

laddhabba : [pt.p.] what should be received.

laddhabhāva : [m.] the fact of receiving or attainment.

laddhāna : [abs. of labhati] having got, received, or attained.

laddhāssāda : [(laddha + assāda), adj.] being refreshed; recovered from a trouble.

laddhi : [f.] a view of theory.

laddhika : [adj.] having a certain view.

laddhu : [inf. of labhati] to get; to receive.

lapati : [lap + a] speaks; talks; prattles.

lapana : [nt.] the mouth; speech. || lapanā (f.), prattling; flattering.

lapanaja : [m.] a tooth.

lapi : [aor. of lapati] spoke; talked; prattled.

lapita : [pp. of lapati] spoken; talked; prattled.

lapitvā : [abs. of lapati] having spoken; having talked; having prattled.

labuja : [m.] the breadfruit tree.

labbhati : [labh + ya] to be obtained or received.

labbhamāna : [pr.p. of labbhati] obtaining; receiving.

labbhā : [ind.] possible; allowable; may be obtained.

labhati : [labh + a] gets; obtains; attains.

labhanta : [pr.p. of labhati] getting; obtaining; attaining.

labhi : [aor. of labhati] got; obtained; attained. || lābhī (m.), one who gains much.

labhitu : [inf. of labhati] to get; to receive.

labhitvā : [abs. of labhati] having got; having obtained; having attained.

labhissati : [fut. of labhati]  

lamba : [adj.] hanging from; pendulous.

lambaka : [nt.] that which is hanging down; a pendulum.

lambati : [lab +ṃ-a] hangs down; suspends.

lambanta : [pr.p. of lambati] hanging down; suspending.

lambamāna : [pr.p. of lambati] hanging down; suspending.

lambi : [aor. of lambati] hung down; suspended.

lambita : [pp. of lambeti] caused ot hang or suspend.

lambitvā : [abs. of lambati] having hung down; having suspended.

lambeti : [caus. of lambati] causes to hang or suspend.

lambetvā : [abs. of lambeti] having caused ot hang or suspend.

lambesi : [aor. of lambeti] caused ot hang or suspend.

laya : [m.] a brief measure of time.

lalanā : [f.] a woman. || lālana (nt.), dalliance; lulling.

lalita : [nt.] grace; charm. || lālita (pp. of lāleti), lulled; quelled; soothed.

lava : [m.] a drop.

lavaṅga : [nt.] the cloves.

lavaṇa : [nt.] salt.

lavana : [nt.] mowing; reaping.

lasati : [las + a] shines; plays.

lasi : [aor. of lasati] shone; played. || lasī (f.) brains.

lasikā : [f.] synovic fluid.

lasuṇa : [nt.] garlic.

lahu : [adj.] light; quick, (nt.) a short; vowel.

lahu : [adv.] quickly.

lahuka : [adj.] light; trifling; buoyant.

lahuka : [adv.] quickly.

lahutā : [f.] lightness; buoyancy.

lahuparivatta : [adj.] quickly changing.

lahuso : [adv.] quickly.

lākhā : [f.] lac; sealing wax.

lākhārasa : [m.] lac-colouring.

lāja : [m.] parched corn.

lājapañcamaka : [adj.] having parched corn as the fifth.

lāpa : [m.] a sort of quail.

lāpu : [f.] gourd.

lābu : [f.] gourd.

lābukaṭāha : [adj.] the outer crust of a gourd used as a vessel.

lābha : [m.] gain; acquisition. || lābhā (ind.), it is profitable; it is a gain.

lābhakamyatā : [f.] desire for gain.

lābhagga : [m.] the highest gain.

lābhamacchariya : [nt.] selfishness in gain.

lābhasakkāra : [m.] gain and honour.

lāmaka : [adj.] inferior; low; sinful.

lāyaka : [m.] a reaper; mower.

lāyati : [lā +ya] reaps; mows.

lāyi : [aor. of lāyati] reaped; mowed.

lāyita : [pp. of lāyati] reaped; mowed.

lāyitvā : [abs. of lāyati] having reaped; having mowed.

lālapati : [lap + a] talks much; laments.

lālapi : [aor. of lālapati] talked much; lamented.

lālapita : [pp. of lālapati] talked much; lamented.

lāleti : [lal + e] lulls; quells; soothes.

lāletvā : [abs. of lāleti] having lulled; having quelled; having soothed.

lālesi : [aor. of lāleti] lulled; quelled; soothed.

lāsa : [m.] dancing; sport.

lāsana : [nt.] dancing; sport.

likuca : [m.] bread-fruit tree.

likkhā : [f.] an egg of a louse; a measure named after it.

likhati : [likh + a] writes; inscribes; carves; scratches.

likhana : [nt.] writing; cutting into pieces.

likhanta : [pr.p. of likhati] writing; inscribing; carving; scratching.

likhāpeti : [caus. of likhati] causes to make one write.

likhāpetvā : [abs. of likhāpeti] having caused to make one write.

likhāpesi : [aor. of likhāpeti] caused to make one write.

likhi : [aor. of likhati] wrote; inscribed; carved; scratched.

likhita : [pp. of likhati] writen; inscribed; carved; scratched.

likhitaka : [m] one who has been prescribed; an outlaw.

likhitu : [inf. of likhati] to write; to inscribe; to carve; to scratch.

likhitvā : [abs. of likhati] having writen; having inscribed; having carved; having scratched.

liṅga : [nt.] sign; mark; attribute; feature; the generative organ; the gender (in grammar).

liṅgaparivattana : [nt.] change of the gender or sex.

liṅgavipallāsa : [m.] change of the gender or sex.

liṅgika : [adj.] pertaining to a gender or generative organ.

liṅgiya : [abs.] having clasped.

litta : [pp. of limpati or lepeti] smeared; stained; anointed.

lipi : [f.] a writing; a letter.

lipikāra : [m.] a writer; scribe; clerk.

limpati : [lip + ṃ-a] smears; stains; anoints.

limpana : [nt.] smearing with.

limpāpeti : [caus. of limpeti] causes to anoint; causes to smeare.

limpi : [aor. of limpati] smeared; stained; anointed.

limpita : [pp. of limpeti] anointed; smeared; plastered.

limpitvā : [abs. of limpati] having smeared; having stained; having anointed.

limpeti : [lip + e] anoints; smears; plasters.

limpetvā : [abs. of limpeti] having anointed; having smeared; having plastered.

limpenta : [pr.p. of limpeti] anointing; smearing; plastering.

limpesi : [aor. of limpeti] anointed; smeared; plastered.

lihati : [lih + a] licks.

lihamāna : [pr.p. of lihati] licking.

lihi : [aor. of lihati] licked.

lihitvā : [abs. of lihati] having licked.

lihimāna : [pr.p. of lihati] licking.

līna : [pp. of līyati] shrunk; shy; reserved.

līnatā : [f.] sluggishness; shyness.

līnatta : [nt.] sluggishness; shyness.

līyati : [li + ya] shrinks; withers; clings to.

līyana : [nt.] shrinking; withering.

līyamāna : [pr.p. of līyati] shrinking; withering; clinging to.

līyi : [aor. of līyati] shrunk (shrank); withered; clung to.

līyitvā : [abs. of līyati] having shrunk (shrank); having withered; having clung to.

līlā : [f.] grace; charm.

lugga : [pp. of lujjati] broken up; felt apart.

lujjati : [luj + ya] breaks up; falls apart.

lujjana : [nt.] crumbling; dissolution.

lujji : [aor. of lujjati] broke up; felt apart.

lujjitvā : [abs. of lujjati] having broken up; having felt apart.

luñcati : [luñc + a] pulls out; uproots.

luñci : [aor. of luñcati] pulled out; uprooted.

luñcita : [pp. of luñcati] pulled out; uprooted.

luñcitvā : [abs. of luñcati] having pulled out; having uprooted.

luta : [pp. of lunāti] mowed.

lutta : [pp. of lopeti] cut off; elided; plundered of.

ludda : [adj.] fierce; cruel. (m.), huntsman.

luddaka : [m.] a hunter.

luddha : [pp. of lubbhati] was greedy; covetous.

lunāti : [lu + nā] cuts off; mows; reaps.

luni : [aor. of lunāti] cut off; mowed; reaped.

lubbhati : [lubh + ya] is greedy; covets.

lubbhana : [nt.] greediness.

lubbhi : [aor. of lubbhati] was greedy; coveted.

lumpati : [lup +ṃ-a] plunders; eats.

lumpana : [nt.] plundering; eating.

lumpi : [aor. of lumpati] plundered; ate.

lumpita : [pp. of lumpati] plundered; eaten.

lumpitvā : [abs. of lumpati] having plundered; having eaten.

luḷita : [pp.] stirred; disturbed.

lūkha : [adj.] rough; coarse; miserable.

lūkhacīvara : [adj.] wearing coarse robes.

lūkhatā : [f.] coarseness.

lūkhappasanna : [adj.] devoted to a person who is shabby.

lūkhājīvī : [(lūkha + ājīvī), adj.] leading a miserable life.

lūṇa : [pp. of lūnati] reaped; mowed.

lūna : [pp. of lūnati] reaped; mowed.

lūyati : [v.] is reaped.

lekhaka : [m.] a scribe; clerk; writer.

lekhana : [nt.] writing; a letter; an inscription.

lekhanī : [f.] a pen.

lekhamukha : [nt.] a nib.

lekhā : [f.] writing; a letter; an inscription; a line; the art of writing.

lekhikā : [f.] a female clerk.

leḍḍu : [m.] a clod of earth.

leḍḍupāta : [m.] a stone's throw.

leṇa : [nt.] safety; a cave; a rock cell.

lepa : [m.] coating; plastering a plaster.

lepana : [nt.] a smearing; coating.

lepita : [pp. of lepeti] plastered; coated with; smeared.

lepeti : [lip + e] plasters; coats with; smears.

lepetvā : [abs. of lepeti] having plastered; having coated with; having smeared.

lepenta : [pr.p. of lepeti] plastering; coating with; smearing.

lepesi : [aor. of lepeti] plastered; coated with; smeared.

leyya : [adj.] fit to be licked or sipped. (nt.), mucilaginous food.

lesa : [m.] a trifle; a pretext; trick.

loka : [m.] the world; the population.

lokagga : [m.] the chief of the world.

lokadhātu : [f.] the world system.

lokanātha : [m.] the lord of the world.

lokanāyaka : [m.] the lord of the world.

lokanirodha : [m.] destruction of the existence.

lokanta : [m.] the end of the world.

lokantagū : [m.] one who has reached the end of the things worldly.

lokantara : [nt.] a different world; the space between the worlds.

lokantarika : [adj.] situated between the worlds.

lokapāla : [m.] a guardian of the world.

lokavajja : [nt.] a common sin.

lokavivaraṇa : [nt.] unveiling of the universe.

lokavohāra : [m.] ordinary way of speaking.

lokādhipacca : [(loka + ādhipacca), nt.] domination of the world.

lokānukampā : [f.] sympathy with the world of men.

lokāyatika : [adj.] one who holds the view of nature-lore; a nihilist.

lokika : [adj.] worldly; mundane.

lokiya : [adj.] worldly; mundane.

lokuttara : [adj.] super-mundane; transcendental.

lokesa : [m.] the Brahma; the creator.

locaka : [adj.] one who pulls out or uproots.

locana : [nt.] the eye.

loṇa : [nt.] salt. (adj.), salty.

loṇakāra : [m.] salt-maker.

loṇadhūpana : [nt.] flavouring with salt.

loṇaphala : [nt.] a crystal of salt.

loṇasakkharā : [f.] a crystal of salt.

loṇika : [adj.] alkaline.

loṇī : [f.] a salt-pan; a lagoon.

lopa : [m.] elision; cutting off.

lobha : [m.] greed; covetousness.

lobhanīya : [adj.] to be coveted; desirable.

lobhamūlaka : [adj.] having greed as its root.

loma : [nt.] the hair on the body.

lomaṃ pāteti : submits.

lomakūpa : [m.] a pore of the skin.

lomasa : [adj.] hairy; covered with hair.

lomasapāṇaka : [m.] a caterpillar.

lomahaṃsa : [m.] horripilation.

lomahaṃsana : [nt.] horripilation.

lomahaṭṭha : [adj.] having hair standing on the end.

lola : [adj.] greedy; unsteady.

lolatā : [f.] eagerness; greed.

lolupa : [adj.] covetous; greedy.

loluppa : [nt.] greed.

loleti : [lul + e] stirs; shakes; agitates.

loha : [nt.] metal; copper.

lohakaṭāha : [m.] a copper receptacle.

lohakāra : [m.] a coppersmith; metal worker.

lohakumbhī : [f.] a pot made of copper.

lohaguḷa : [m.] a lump of metal.

lohajāla : [nt.] a brass netting.

lohatatuppādaka : [m.] one who sheds the blood (of a Buddha).

lohathālaka : [m.] a brass plate or bowl.

lohapāsāda : [m.] name of the palatial chapter house in Anurādhapura, which was covered with copper tiles.

lohapiṇḍa : [m.] a lump of metal.

lohabhaṇḍa : [nt.] copper ware.

lohamaya : [adj.] made of copper.

lohamāsaka : [m.] a copper coin.

lohasalakā : [f.] a brass wire or pin.

lohita : [nt.] blood. (adj.), red.

lohitaka : [adj.] red.

lohitakkha : [adj.] having red eyes.

lohitaṅka : [m.] a ruby.

lohitacandana : [nt.] red sandal-wood.

lohitapakkhandikā : [f.] bloody diarrhoea.

lohitabhakkha : [adj.] feeding on blood.

lohituppādaka : [m.] one who sheds the blood (of a Buddha).

- Ḷ -

ḷaṅghāpeti : [caus. of laṅghati] causes to jump; causes to hop.

ḷāpukaṭāha : [adj.] the outer crust of a gourd used as a vessel.


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