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A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera



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ṭanka : [m.] an instrument to cut stones.

ṭīkācariya : [m.] a sub-commentator.

ṭhatvā : [abs. of tiṭṭhati] having stood; having stayed.

ṭhapana : [nt.] setting up; placing; keeping. || ṭhapanā (f.) setting up; placing; keeping.

ṭhapāpeti : [caus. of ṭhapeti] causes to be placed.

ṭhapāpetvā : [abs. of ṭhapāpeti] having caused to be placed.

ṭhapita : [pp. of ṭhapāpeti] caused to be placed.

ṭhapetabba : [pt.p. of ṭhapeti] should be kept.

ṭhapeti : [ṭhā + āpe] places; keeps; sets up; fixes (a date); establishes; sets aside.

ṭhapetvā : [abs. of ṭhapeti] having placed; set aside, or left.

ṭhapenta : [pp. of ṭhapeti] placed; set up; established; set aside.

ṭhapesi : [aor. of ṭhapeti] placed; set up; established; set aside. (aor. of ṭhapāpeti), caused to be placed.

ṭhātu : [inf. of tiṭṭhati] to stand.

ṭhānaso : [adv.] with reason and cause.

ṭhānīya : [nt.] a metropolis. (adj.), fit to be placed.

ṭhāpaka : [adj.] one who places or keeps.

ṭhāyaka : [adj.] one who stands.

ṭhāyī : [adj.] standing. (in cpds.), being in a state of; lasting.

ṭhita : [pp. of tiṭṭhati] stood; stayed; stationary; immovable; one who stays.

ṭhitaka : [adj.] one who stands.

ṭhitaṭṭhāna : [nt.] the place where one was (standing).

ṭhitatta : [nt.] the fact of standing. (ṭhita + atta) (adj.) self-controlled.

ṭhiti : [f.] stability; duration; continuance.

ṭhitika : [adj.] (in cpds.), lasting; enduring; living on; dependent. || ṭhitikā (f.) place in a list at which the distribution of lots was stopped.

ṭhitibhāgiya : [adj.] lasting; connected with duration.


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