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eka : [adj.] same; certain; unknown. (used for the indefinite article). One, (only in the sing.). in plural it gives the meaning "some".

ekaṃsa : [adj.] definite; sure; pertaining to one shoulder.

ekaṃsika : [adj.] definite; sure; pertaining to one shoulder.

ekaṃsena : [adv.] in all probability.

ekaka : [adj.] single; solitary.

ekakkhattu : [adv.] once.

ekakkhika : [adj.] one-eyed.

ekakkhī : [adj.] possessing only one eye.

ekagga : [adj.] calm; tranquil.

ekaggatā : [f.] tranquillity of mind; onepointedness.

ekaghana : [adj.] solid.

ekacara : [adj.] one who lives alone.

ekacāri : [adj.] one who lives alone.

ekacca : [adj.] some; certain; a few.

ekacciya : [adj.] some; certain; a few.

ekajjha : [adv.] together; in the same place.

ekatiya : [adj.] some.

ekato : [ind.] together on one side.

ekatta : [nt.] 1. unity; 2. loneliness; 3. agreement.

ekadā : [adv.] once; at one time.

ekadesa : [m.] a portion; a part.

ekadhā : [adv.] in one way.

ekanta : [adj.] sure; unfailing; extreme.

ekanta : [adv.] surely; certainly.

ekantarika : [adj.] alternate; having one in between.

ekantena : [adv.] surely; certainly.

ekapaṭalika : [adj.] having a single skin for lining.

ekapaṭṭa : [adj.] having a single lining.

ekapaṇṇa : [adj.] having only a single leaf.

ekapadikamagga : [m.] a foot-path.

ekapiṇḍita : [adj.] compounded in a single stroke.

ekappahārena : [adv.] all at once; by a single stroke.

ekabhattika : [adj.] having one meal a day.

ekamanta : [adv.] on one side; aside.

ekameka : [adj.] one by one; each.

ekarajja : [nt.] sovereign power.

ekarattivāsa : [m.] spending of a night.

ekavāra : [adv.] once.

ekavidha : [adj.] of one kind; similar.

ekasāṭaka : [adv.] definitely.

ekaso : [adv.] singly; one by one.

ekākinī : [f.] a lonely person.

ekākī : [3] a lonely person.

ekāyana : [m.] the only way or means.

ekāsanika : [adj.] one who eats only once a day.

ekāha : [nt.] one day.

ekāhika : [adj.] existing for a day.

ekikā : [f.] a solitary woman.

ekida : [ind.] some.

ekībhāva : [m.] unity; solitude; loneliness.

ekībhūta : [adj.] united; connected; gathered together.

ekūna : [adj.] minus one.

ekūnacattāḷīsati : [f.] thirty-nine.

ekūnatiṃsati : [f.] twenty-nine.

ekūnapaññāsā : [f.] forty-nine.

ekūnavīsati : [f.] nineteen.

ekūnavuti : [f.] eighty-nine.

ekūnasaṭṭhi : [f.] fifty-nine.

ekūnasata : [nt.] ninety-nine.

ekūnasattati : [f.] sixty-nine.

ekūnāsīti : [f.] seventy-nine.

ekeka : [adj.] one by one; each.

ekodibhāva : [m.] onepointedness; concentration.

ejā : [f.] craving; motion.

eṭṭhi : [f.] search; seeking.

eṇimiga : [m.] a kind of antelope.

eṇeyya : [m.] a kind of antelope.

eṇeyyaka : [nt.] a kind of torture.

eta : [demons. pron.] that; this. (mas. sing.); takes this form in some cases.

etarahi : [adv.] now; at present.

etādisa : [adj.] such like; of this kind.

eti : [i + a] comes.

ettaka : [adj.] this much; so much.

ettāvatā : [adv.] so far; to that extent; by this much.

etto : [ind.] from this; here; out of here.

ettha : [adv.] here.

edisa : [adj.] such; such like.

edisaka : [adj.] such; such like.

edha : [m.] fuel; firewood.

edhati : [edh + a] gains; succeeds in.

edhi : [aor. of edhati] gained; succeeded in.

ena :  takes this form in some cases.

enta : [pr.p. of eti] coming.

eraka : [m.] a kind of grass used for making coverlets.

erakadussa : [nt.] a garment made of eraka grass of fibre.

eraṇda : [m.] the plant Palma Christi form the seeds of which castor oil is extracted.

erāvaṇa : [m.] name of Indra's elephant.

erāvata : [m.] mandarin orange.

erita : [pp. of ereti] shaken; set into motion.

ereti : [īr + e] shakes; sets into motion.

eresi : [aor. of ereti] shaked; set into motion.

elā : [f.] 1. saliva; 2. the seed or plant of cardamom. || eḷā (f.), saliva.

eḷaka : [m.] a wild goat.

eḷagala : [adj.] with oozing saliva. || eḷagalā (f.), the plant Cassia Tora.

eḷamūga : [m.] idiot.

eḷāluka : [nt.] cucumber.

eva : [ind.] (emphatic particle), only.

eva : [adv.] thus; in this way; (in reply:) yes.

evaṃrūpa : [adj.] this-like or having such a form.

evaṃvidha : [adj.] such like.

evam eva : [ind.] just so.

evam eva : [ind.] exactly; just in the same way.

evarūpa : [adj.] such; of such form.

esa :  (euphonic form of eso), that person.

esati : [es + a] seeks; searches.

esanā : [f.] seeking; longing.

esanta : [pr.p. of esati] seeking; searching.

esamāna : [pr.p. of esati] seeking; searching.

esi : [aor. of esati] sought; searched. || esī (m.), seeker.

esikā : [f.] a strong post before a city gate.

esikātthambha : [m.] a strong post before a city gate.

esita : [pp. of esati] sought; searched.

esitabba : [pt.p. of esati] should be sought after.

esitvā : [abs. of esati] having sought; having searched.

esinī : [f.] seeker.

eso : [f.; sing.] esā.

ehinti : [v.] they will come.

ehipassika : [adj.] that which invites every man to come and see; open to all.

ehibhikkhu :  (the oldest formula of admission to the Order), come O monk.


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