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  - I -

ikkhaṇika : [m.] fortune-teller. || ikkhaṇikā (f.), female fortune-teller.

ikkhati : [ikkh +a] looks at.

ikkhana : [nt.] seeing; looking at.

ikkhi : [aor. of ikkhati] looked at.

iṅgita : [nt.] gesture; sign.

iṅgha : [ind.] come on; look here.

iccha : [adj.] (in cpds.), wishing; longing; desirous of. || icchā (f.), desire; wish; longing.

icchaka : [adj.] one who desires.

icchati : [is + a] wishes; desires; longs for.

icchana : [nt.] desire; wish; longing.

icchanāvacara : [(icchan + āvacara) adj.] moving in desires; behaving as one likes.

icchanta : [pr.p. of icchati] wishing; longing for.

icchi : [aor. of icchati] wished; desired.

icchita : [pp. of icchati] wished; desired.

ijjhati : [idh + ya] thrives; succeeds; prospers.

ijjhana : [nt.] success; thriving. || ijjhanā (f.), success; thriving.

ijjhamāna : [pr.p. of ijjhati] thriving; succeeding; prospering.

ijjhi : [aor. of ijjhati] thrived; succeeded; prospered.

ijjhita : [pp. of ijjhati] succeeded; prospered.

iñjati : [iñj + a] moves; stirs.

iñjana : [nt.] motion; movement. || iñjanā (f.), motion; movement.

iñji : [aor. of iñjati] moved; stired.

iñjita : [pp. of iñjati] moved; shaken. (nt.), movement; vacillation.

iṭṭha : [adj.] pleasing; agreeable. (nt.), happiness; pleasure.

iṭṭhakā : [f.] tile; brick.

iṇa : [nt.] debt.

iṇaṭṭha : [adj.] one who is in debt; debtor.

iṇapaṇṇa : [nt.] promissory note.

iṇamokkha : [m.] release from debt.

iṇasāmika : [m.] creditor.

iṇasodana : [nt.] discharge of debt.

iṇāyika : [m.] debtor.

itara : [adj.] the other.

itarītara : [adj.] whatsoever; any.

iti : [ind.] thus. (used to point out something just mentioned or about to be mentioned, and to show that a sentence is finished). Very often its former i is elided and ti only is remaining. || īti (f.), calamity.

itikira : [ind.] thus I have heard.

itivuttaka : [nt.] a treatise of Suttas beginning with the phrase 'thus it is said'.

itihāsa : [m.] history; tradition.

ito : [ind.] from here; from now; hence.

itopaṭṭhāya : [ind.] hence-forth.

ittara : [adj.] short-lived; brief; very small or few.

ittarakāla : [m.] a short period.

ittha : [adv.] thus; in this way.

itthaṃnāma : [adj.] called thus; so-called.

itthaṃbhūta : [adj.] being thus; of this kind.

itthatta : [nt.] 1. (itthaṃ + tta:) the present state; this life. 2. (itthi + tta:) womanhood; femininity.

itthannāma : [adj.] of such and such a name.

itthāgāra : [m.] 1. harem; seraglio; 2. harem-ladies.

itthi : [f.] woman; female. || itthī (f.), woman; female.

itthikā : [f.] woman; female. || iṭṭhikā (f.), tile; brick.

itthidhutta : [m.] one who indulges in women.

itthinimitta : [nt.] female organ.

itthiliṅga : [nt.] female organ; feminine quality or gender.

ida : [(Nom. and Acc. sing. of ima) nt.] this thing.

idappaccayatā : [f.] having its foundation on this, i.e., causally connected.

idāni : [adv.] now.

iddha : [pp. of ijjhati] prosperous; opulent; successful.

iddhi : [f.] prosperity; potency; psychic power.

iddhipāṭihāriya : [nt.] miracle.

iddhipāda : [m.] basis of psychic power.

iddhibala : [nt.] supernatural power.

iddhimantu : [adj.] possessing psychic powers.

iddhivisaya : [m.] extent of psychic power.

idha : [adv.] here; in this world or existence.

idhuma : [nt.] firewood.

inda : [m.] lord; king; the Vedic go Indra; the king of devas.

indakhīla : [m.] a door-step; threshold; a strong post before a city gate.

indagajjita : [nt.] the thunder.

indagopaka : [m.] a kind of red insects which come out from the ground after a rain fall.

indaggi : [m.] lightning.

indajāla : [nt.] magic.

indajālika : [m.] magician; juggler.

indadhanu : [nt.] rainbow.

indanīla : [m.] sapphire.

indavāruṇi : [f.] cucumber.

indasāla : [m.] the tree Vetaric acuminata.

indīvara : [nt.] blue water-lily.

indriya : [nt.] controlling principal; faculty; sense.

indriyagutti : [f.] keeping watch over the senses.

indriyadamana : [nt.] subjugation of senses.

indriyasaṃvara : [nt.] subjugation of senses.

indhana : [nt.] fuel; firewood.

ibha : [m.] elephant.

ibhapipphalī : [f.] a big kind of long pepper.

irina : [nt.] great forest; desert; barren soil.

iriyati : [iriy + a] moves; stirs; behaves.

iriyanā : [f.] movement of the body; posture.

iriyā : [f.] movement of the body; posture.

iriyāpatha : [m.] deportment; four postures, viz: walking, standing, sitting, and lying down.

iriyi : [aor. of iriyati] moved; stirred; behaved.

illī : [f.] a short sword.

iva : [ind.] like; as.

isi : [m.] a sage; seer.

isipatana : [nt.] name of a place; present Sārnath near Benares.

isipabbajjā : [f.] leaving the house to become an anchorite.

issa : [m.] a bear. || issā (f.), jealousy; ill-will; envy.

issati : [iss + a] envies

issattha : [nt.] archery. (m.) an archer.

issara : [m] 1. lord; master; 2. the Creator.

issarajana : [m.] rich or influential people.

issaranimmāṇa : [nt.] the creation.

issaranimmāṇavādī : [3] one who believes in a Creator.

issariya : [nt.] supremacy; domination; wealth.

issariyatā : [f.] lordship.

issariyamada : [m.] pride of supremacy.

issariyādhipacca : [nt.] over-lordship.

issāmanaka : [adj.] jealous.

issāsa : [m.] a bow; an archer.

issukī : [adj.] envious; jealous.

iha : [ind.] here. || īhā (f.), endeavour; exertion.

ihaloka : [n.] this world; present existence.

- Ī -

īgha : [m.] distress; danger.

īdisa : [adj.] such; such-like.

īrati : [īr + a] moves; shakes; stirs.

īri : [aor. of īrati] moved; shook; stirred.

īrita : [pp. of īrati] moved; shaken; stirred. (pp. of īreti), uttered; spoken.

īreti : [ir + e] utters; speaks.

īresi : [aor. of īreti] uttered; spoke.

īsa : [m.] a lord; ruler. || īsā (f.), pole of a plough or a carriage.

īsaka : [adj.] little; few.

īsaka : [adv.] a little; slightly.

īsadhara : [m.] name of a mountain.

īsādanta : [adj.] having tusks as long as a plough-pole, i.e., an elephant.

īhati : [īh + a] attempts; strives after.

īhana : [f.] endeavour; exertion.

īhi : [aor. of īhati] attempted; strove after.


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