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phaggu : [m.] a period of fasting.

phagguṇa : [m.] name of month, February-March.

phagguṇī : name of a constellation.

phaṇa : [m.] the hood of a snake.

phaṇaka : [nt.] an instrument shaped like a snake's hood, used for smoothing hair, etc.

phaṇī : [m.] a cobra.

phandati : [phad + ṃ - a] trembles; throbs; stirs.

phandana : [nt.] throbbing; motion; agitation. || phandanā (f.) throbbing; motion; agitation.

phandamāna : [pr.p. of phandati] trembling; throbbing; stirring.

phandi : [aor. of phandati] trembled; throbbed; stirred.

phandita : [pp. of phandati] trembled; throbbed; stirred. (nt.) agitation.

phanditvā : [abs. of phandati] having trembled; having throbbed; having stirred.

pharaṇa : [nt.] pervading; suffusion; thrill.

pharaṇaka : [adj.] suffusion; filling with.

pharati : [phar + a] pervades; suffuses; fills.

pharanta : [pr.p. of pharati] pervading; suffusing; filling.

pharasu : [m.] hatchet.

phari : [aor. of pharati] pervaded; suffused; filled.

pharita : [pp. of pharati] pervaded; suffused; filled.

pharitvā : [abs. of pharati] having pervaded; having suffused; having filled.

pharusa : [adj.] rough; harsh; unkind.

pharusavacana : [nt.] rough speech.

pharusāvācā : [f.] rough speech.

phala : [nt.] fruit; nut; result; consequence; fruition; the blade of a weapon. || phāla (m.) 1. a ploughshare; 2. an instrument to split wood; 3. one half or a slice of salted fish, etc.

phalaka : [m.; nt.] a board; plank; a shied. || phālaka (m.) one who splits or breaks.

phalacitta : [nt.] the fruition of the path.

phalaṭṭha : [adj.] stationed in the enjoyment of the Path.

phalati : [phal + a] bears fruit; bursts open; splits.

phalatthika : [adj.] looking for fruit.

phaladāyī : [adj.] fruitful; advantageous; producing fruit.

phalanta : [pr.p. of phalati] bearing fruit; bursting open; splitting.

phalaruha : [adj.] grown from a seed.

phalavantu : [adj.] bearing or having fruit.

phalāphala : [nt.] various kinds of fruit.

phalāsava : [m.] extract of fruit.

phali : [aor. of phalati] bore fruit; bursted open; split. || phalī (m.) (a tree) with fruit; bearing fruit.

phalika : [m.] crystal.

phalita : [pp. of phalati] born fruit; bursted open; split. || phālita (pp. of phāleti) broken; split; cut asunder.

phalitvā : [abs. of phalati] having born fruit; having bursted open; having split.

phalu : [nt.] a joint or knot (of reed, etc.)

phalubīja : [nt.] a joint which produces a plant.

phaletvā : [abs. of phāleti] having broken; having split; having cut asunder.

phalenta : [pr.p. of phāleti] breaking; spliting; cutting asunder.

phassa : [m.] touch; contact.

phassita : [pp. of phasseti] touched; attained.

phassitvā : [abs. of phasseti] having touched; having attained.

phasseti : [phas + e] touches; attaines.

phassesi : [aor. of phasseti] touched; attained.

phāṇita : [nt.] treacle; molasses.

phāṇitapuṭa : [m.] leaf-container of treacle.

phātikamma : [nt.] restoration; increase.

phārusaka : [nt.] sweet lovi-lovi.

phālana : [nt.] splitting.

phāleti : [phal + e] breaks; splits; cuts asunder.

phāletu : [inf. of phāleti] to break; to split; to cut asunder.

phālesi : [aor. of phāleti] broke; split; cut asunder.

phāsu : [m.] ease; comfort. (adj.) comfortable; easy.

phāsuka : [adj.] pleasant, convenient. || phāsukā (f.) a rib; the flank.

phāsulikā : [f.] a rib; the flank.

phiya : [nt.] an oar.

phīta : [adj.] opulent; prosperous; rich.

phuṭa : [pp. of pharati] pervaded; permeated; spread with.

phuṭṭha : [pp. of phusati] touched; reached; attained.

phulla : [pp. of phalati] fully opened or expanded; full of blossoms.

phullita : [pp. of phullati] fully opened or expanded; full of blossoms.

phusati : [phus + a] touches; reaches; attaines.

phusana : [nt.] touch. || phusanā (f.) touch.

phusanta : [pr.p. of phusati] touching; reaching; attaining.

phusamāna : [pr.p. of phusati] touching; reaching; attaining.

phusi : [aor. of phusati] touched; reached; attained.

phusita : [pp. of phusati] touched; reached; attained. (nt.) a drop; a touch.

phusitaka : [nt.] a drop; a touch.

phusitvā : [abs. of phusati] having touched; having reached; having attained.

phusīyati : [pass. of phusati] is touched.

phussa : [m.] name of a month, December-January; name of a constellation. (adj.) gaily coloured; auspicious.

phussaratha : [m.] a state carriage (running of its own accord in order to find an heir to a throne).

phussarāga : [m.] a topaz.

pheggu : [nt.] wood surrounding the pith of a tree; a worthless thing.

pheṇa : [nt.] foam; scum; froth.

pheṇapiṇḍa : [m.] a lump of foam.

pheṇila : [m.] the soap-berry plant.

pheṇuddehaka : [adj.] throwing up foam.

phoṭa : [m.] touch; constant.

phoṭaka : [nt.] touch; constant.

phoṭṭhabba : [nt.] touch; contact.

phosita : [pp. of phoseti] sprinkled.


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