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The Coming Buddha, Ariya Metteyya

Sayagyi U Chit Tin

List of Abbreviations

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahatto Sammasambuddhassa

Unless otherwise stated, all editions are by the Pali Text Society.

A =    Anguttara Nikaya (trans., GS).
Anag = Anagatavamsa, editions used: JPTS, 1886, 
       pp. 33-53 (Minayeff, ed.), and Ernst Leumann, 
       Maitreya-samiti, das Zukunftsideal der 
       Buddhisten (Strassburg: Karl J. Trubner, 1919; 
       Pali text, pp. 184-191; notes, pp. 192-226).
As =   Atthasalini (trans., Expos.).
       BN 630/862 = Bibliotheque nationale, Pali mss 
       630 and 862, commentary on Anag. We thank Mme J. 
       Filliozat for making available a copy of her 
       transcription of this text.
BT =   Buddhism in Translation (trans. by H.C. Warren).
Bv-a = Buddhavamsa-atthakatha (Madhuravilasini) 
       (trans., CSM).
CB =   Chronicle of Buddhas (Buddhavamsa).
CPD =  A Critical Pali Dictionary.
CSM =  The Clarifier of the Sweet Meaning (trans. of Bv-a).
Culte  Mohan Wijayaratna, Le Culte des dieux 
       chez les bouddhistes singhalais (Paris: Cerf, 1987).
D =    Digha-nikaya (trans., DB, TS).
DB =   Dialogues of the Buddha (D).
Dbk =  Dasabodhisattuppattikatha (The Birth-stories of the 
       Ten Bodhisattas) (the first number refers to the trans., 
       the second number to the Pali text).
Dbu =  Dasabodhisatta-uddesa (ed. and French 
       trans. by F. Martini [BEFEO 36, 2 (1936), pp. 
       287-390]. The first number refers to the French 
       trans., the second number to the Pali text).
DPPN = Dictionary of Pali Proper Names.
D-t =  Digha-nikaya-tika.
Dvp =  Dasavatthuppakarana (ed. and trans. by J. 
       Ver Eecke, EFEO [1976]. The first number refers 
       to the Pali text, the second number to the 
       French trans.).
Expos.=The Expositor (As).
GD =   The Group of Discourses (Sn).
GS =   The Gradual Sayings (A).
Illus.=The Illustrator of Ultimate Meaning (Paramatthajotika I).
Ja =   Jataka.
JPTS = The Journal of the Pali Text Society.
KS =   The Kindred Sayings (S).
M =    Majjhima Nikaya (trans., MLS).
MB =   The Manuals of Buddhism by Ledi Sayadaw 
       (Union of Buddha Sasana Council, 1965).
MLS =  The Middle Length Sayings (M).
Moh =  Mohavicchedani.
Mp =   Manorathapurani (commentary on A).
PED =  The Pali-English Dictionary.
Pj II= Paramatthajotika (commentary on Sn).
Sih =  Sihalavatthuppakarana (ed. and trans. by J. Ver Eecke, 
       EFEO [1980]).
Sn =   Suttanipata (trans., GD).
Sp =   Samantapasadika (commentary on the Vinaya Pitaka).
Spk =  Saratthappakasini (commentary on the Samyutta Nikaya).
Sv =   Sumangalavilasini (commentary on D).
Th =   Theragatha.
Th-a = Theragatha-atthakatha (Paramatthadipani V).
Treatise='A Treatise on the Paramis,' The All-Embracing Net 
       of Views (Buddhist Publication Society 1978).
TS =   Ten Suttas from Digha Nikaya (Rangoon: 
       Burma Pitaka Association, 1984).
v(v) = verse(s)
Vism = Visuddhimagga.

Published by the Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust, IMC-UK, Splatts House, Heddington, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 0PE, England,
Tel: +44 1380 850 238, Fax: +44 1380 850 833.
Registered Charity No 280134.

This publication is one of several marking the tenth anniversary of Mother Sayamagyi and Sayagyi U Chit Tin's
coming out of Burma to continue their work in the Tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin
by teaching the Buddha-Dhama in the West. 

The gift of the Dhamma surpasses all other gifts. 

Dedicated to our much revered teacher the late Sayagyi U Ba Khin (Thray Sitthu)
to mark the 89th anniversary of his birth in March 1899.


Source: Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust, IMC-UK, http://ubakhin.com/

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