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The Coming Buddha, Ariya Metteyya

Sayagyi U Chit Tin

The Birth of the Next Buddha

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahatto Sammasambuddhassa

Many details concerning the coming Buddha can be assembled by combining Buddha Gotama's prediction in the Digha-nikaya,[62] the Anagatavamsa,[63] the two versions of The Ten Bodhisattas,[64] and the Dasavatthuppakarana.[65] Further details can be added from the description by Buddha Gotama of the past Buddha Vipassi,[66] Ven. Ananda's praise of the Buddha,[67] and the commentary on The Chronicle of Buddhas.[68]

Before his last rebirth, which is in the human world, each Bodhisatta resides in the Tusita Deva world. He is mindful and aware when he is reborn there and while he lives there. He lives there as long as his life span lasts. One thousand years before he is to be reborn as a human and become a Buddha, Devas or Brahmas go to the world of men and announce that a Buddha will arise. This is a Buddha tumult.[69]

When the time is right, he descends into his mother's womb,[70] mindful and aware. He is aware it is his last existence. At that time, there is an illimitable, splendid radiance throughout the universe. His mother is protected by four Devas during the gestation period. His mother does not break the five precepts during her pregnancy, and she is not attracted to any man. The mother is surrounded by all the pleasures of the five senses. She suffers from no illness, and she can see the Bodhisatta in her womb. He is seated cross-legged in the womb facing outward.

His mother gives birth in a standing position and in a forest. The Bodhisatta Metteyya will be born in the deer park at Isipatana.[71] The feet of the baby are placed in a golden cloth. He is received first by Devas and afterwards by men. Before his feet touch the ground, four Devas present him to his mother, saying, "Rejoice, lady, for mighty is the son that is born to you." He comes forth without any stain. Two showers of cool and warm water fall from the sky to bathe the mother and the Bodhisatta. He takes seven steps to the north, surveys the four quarters, and pronounces the lion's roar that he is supreme in the world. When he is born, an illimitable, splendid radiance is seen throughout the universe. Seven days after the birth of the Bodhisatta, his mother dies and is reborn in the Tusita Deva world.[72]

When Bodhisatta Metteyya is reborn in the human world, life on earth will be like life in a Deva world. Women will marry at the age of five hundred. There will only be three diseases: desire (to eat) (iccha), sluggishness after eating (anasana), and old age (jara).[73] India will have Ketumati (present-day Baranasi) as its capital city. In addition, there will be 84,000 cities with 90,000 crores of princes.[74] India[75] will extend for 100,000 leagues. It will be without thorns, clear, with green grass. There will be grass which is four inches high and soft as cotton. The climate will always be good. The rains will be even, and the winds will be neither too hot nor too cold. The rivers and ponds will not lack water. There will be white sand that is not rough, the size of peas and beans. The country will be like an adorned garden. The villages will be close together, full of people, without interval.

The people will be tranquil, safe, and free from danger. They will be happy and joyful, enjoying festivals. They will have plenty to eat and drink. India will be delightful, like Alakamanda, the capital city of the Kurus. The capital city of lndia,[76] Ketumati, will be twelve leagues long and seven leagues wide.[77] The city will have beautiful lotus ponds, full of water that is fragrant, clear, clean, cool, and sweet. The ponds will be accessible to people at all times. There will be seven rows of palm trees and walls of seven colours, made of jewels, will surround the city.

In squares at the gates of the city, there will be shining wishing trees: one blue, one yellow, one red, and one white.[78] Divine adornments and ornaments as well as all sorts of wealth and possessions will be hanging on the trees.



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