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The Coming Buddha, Ariya Metteyya

Sayagyi U Chit Tin

The Wheel-turning Monarch Sankha

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahatto Sammasambuddhassa

At this time, there will be a Wheel-turning Monarch named Sankha.[79] In a past life, he and his father had made a hut for a Pacceka Buddha. They had him stay there for the three months of the rains retreat and then gave him three robes. In the same way, they had seven Pacceka Buddhas stay in the hut. The father and son[80] were reborn in the Tavatimsa Deva world, and Sakka requested that the father be reborn in the human world as Prince Maha-Panada. The architect for the Devas, Vissakamma, built a palace for Maha-Panada. During the time of Buddha Gotama, Maha-Panada was the Elder Bhaddaji, who, on one occasion, raised up the Maha-Panada palace from the bottom of the Ganges. The palace still waits there for the future Sanka, who was the son that gave to the Pacceka Buddhas in the past.[81]

When Sankha becomes the Wheel-turning Monarch, he will raise up the Maha-Panada palace which will serve as his palace in the centre of Ketumati. The palace is described as resplendent with many jewels, so bright it is hard to look at.[82] And he will possess the seven treasures of a Wheel-turning Monarch: the wheel, elephant, horse, gem, wife, householder, and adviser.[83]

Through the merit of Sankha, there will be a square in the middle of the city with four halls facing the four directions with wishing trees. Hanging from the trees there will be all sorts of fine garments, drums, and jewellery.

Through the merit of the people at that time, there will be rice that grows without being cultivated. It will be pure, sweet-smelling, and the grains will be ready-husked. The residents of Ketumati will have whatever they want. They will be very rich. They will wake up to the sound of drums and lutes. They will be exceedingly happy in both body and mind.[84]

King Sankha's palace will have 84,000 dancing girls.[85] He will have one thousand sons, valiant, of heroic forms, crushing enemy armies.[86] The eldest son[87] will be the king's adviser. The king will conquer the seagirt land (of India) without violence, without a sword, but rather by righteousness.



  1. Not to be confused with the Bodhisatta Sankha. According to Dbu, the future Sankha is a Deva named Maha-Nalakara (cf. D-t 43). Nalakara was the name of Maha-Panada in the Tavatimsa Deva world (Ja IV 318-323).
  2. The account in Ja No. 489 says the father became Maha-Panada. Sv III 856 says it was the son and that the father is still in the Deva worlds. D 43 gives his name as Nalakara ("the basket maker") which would mean both father and son had this name in the Deva worlds. Dvp (119-127/126-134) gives their names as Nava-khuddhaka- Nalakara (or Cula-Nalakara), meaning "the younger Nalakara," and Jetthaka-Nalakara (or Jettha-Nalakara), meaning "the older Nalakara," so that here too it is the father who will be the future Sankha.
  3. Sv Ill 856f. says that the palace has not disappeared because of the meritorious act done by both the father and son in the past. Thus, it awaits the future king, Sankha, to be enjoyed by him.
  4. Anag vv 12-14. Cf. Th vv 163-164.
  5. In Dvp (125/132) his career as a Wheel-turning Monarch is described as following the pattern for other Monarchs (see DPPN II 1343ff.).
  6. Anag vv 27-32.
  7. Dbu 300/338. Th v 164: "6000 musicians danced there."
  8. D III 75 (DB III 73). This is a common feature to all Wheel-turning Monarchs, see Sn p. 106 (GD 96).
  9. He will have the same name as the Bodhisatta in that life: Ajita (according to Dbu 300/338).

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