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The Coming Buddha, Ariya Metteyya

Sayagyi U Chit Tin

Appendix B:
The Aspiration to Meet Buddha Ari Metteyya

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahatto Sammasambuddhassa

We have made some alterations in the following translations.

  1. Aspiration concluding many Pali manuscripts in Sri Lanka (from Dbk, p. 36):

    By the merit of this writing may I draw near to Metteyya (and) having been established in the Refuges, may I be well established in the Sasana.


  2. Aspiration concluding manuscripts in Sihalese (from Dbk, p. 37):

    By the power of these meritorious deeds, without falling into the four hells, may I seek the Bodhisatta Metteyya in the Tavatimsa heaven and enjoying divine happiness, and going from there to Ketumati City, eradicating the defilements, may I receive the peace of liberation from the Buddha Metteyya.


  3. Aspiration concluding the Dvadasaparitta (from Dbk, p. 38):

    In the future, Buddha Metteyya will be unexcelled in the world, he of great merits, of great power; may you have great peace.


  4. Aspiration attributed to King Parakramabahu I of Sri Lanka (from Dbk, p. 38):

    Having departed from here and being reborn on the peak of Himalaya in the noble Jambudipa (India) as a leading deity of an aeon's life-span, I shall indeed hear the Doctrine of Lord Metteyya.


  5. Aspiration at the conclusion of the commentary on the Jataka (from Dbk, p. 39; verses 4-11 of the concluding 37 verses):

    May I, through this meritorious deed, be born in my next life in the city of Tusita, the beautiful dwelling-place of the gods. May I listen to the preaching of Lord Metteyya and enjoy great glory with him for a long time. When this Great Being is born in the charming city of Ketumati as the Buddha, may I be reborn with the three noble root-conditions in a Brahman family. May I make offerings to that Great Sage of invaluable robes of the finest sort, alms, dwelling-places and medicines in abundance. May I undertake the life of a bhikkhu in the dispensation and illumine that noble (institution), being the possessor of potency, mindful and well-versed in the Tipitaka. May he predict (of me), "This one will be a Buddha in the future." And may I offer gifts to the Buddhas who will come one after the other and (receive sure prediction) from them too. May I fare on in repeated births, give food and other things that are desired like a wish-conferring tree. May I fulfil all the perfections of morality, renunciation, wisdom, and so forth, and having attained the summit of the perfections, become an incomparable Buddha. May I preach the sweet Doctrine which brings bliss to all beings, liberating the whole world with its Devas from the bondage of repeated births. May I guide them to the most excellent, tranquil Nibbana.


  6. Aspiration at the conclusion of Sinhalese manuscripts of Ashin Buddhaghosa's Visuddhimagga (The Path of Purification, pp. 837f.):

    By the performance of such merit As has been gained by me through this And any other still in hand So may I in my next becoming Behold the joys of Tavatimsa, Glad in the qualities of virtue And unattached to sense desires By having reached the first fruition, And having in my last life seen Metteyya, Lord of Sages, highest Of persons in the world, and helper Delighting in all beings' welfare, And heard the Holy One proclaim The teaching of the Noble Law, May I grace the Victor's Dispensation By realizing its Highest Fruit.


  7. The aspiration of Thera Maha-Mangala in his biography of Ashin Buddhaghosa (Buddhaghosuppatti) (from Dbk, p. 40):

    O may it be my lot to meet with him, the Lord Metteyya! He, the Fully Awakened One, shall lead vast multitudes across samsara's stream.

    When I have found Metteyya, may I be versed in the three scriptures, and then in wisdom I shall see face-to-face the lord of mercy.


  8. Aspiration at the end of sharing merits in the Dana ceremony in Sri Lanka (from Dbk, p. 41):

    By the aid of this meritorious deed of Dana, may you be reborn in the heavenly and human worlds, enjoying the greatest of worldly happiness, and may you be born again in the presence of Buddha Metteyya, and benefiting from his teaching of the Four Noble Truths, may you attain to the supreme, immortal, great Nibbana!


  9. Aspiration used in connection with the recitation Parittas (verses of protection) in Sri Lanka (from Dbk, p. 42):

    May the multitude of gods dwelling over the seven oceans, on Mount Meru, in the Titans' world, in the world of Nagas, in the six celestial worlds, in the four shrines of the (four Guardian) Devas, on Mount Samantakuta, on the Himalayas, over the seven lakes, over Lake Anotatta, in the sky, on the earth, in all the Brahma worlds, in this Cakkavala (world-system), in the island of Ceylon, partake of these merits with loving thoughts and perceive Nibbana by seeing the sage-king Metteyya.


  10. Closing verses at the end of Sinhalese manuscripts of Ashin Buddhaghosa's Atthasalini (from The Expositor, p. 542):

    By grace of this, the book I wrote, Into Metteyya's presence am I come. Within the Refuges established Upon the Sasana I take my stand. May mother, father, teachers, they who wish me well And they who do not, give me happy thanks And long safeguard the merit I have won.

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