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Venerable Nyanatiloka Mahathera

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Buddhist Literature

A selection for further study

I. Life of the Buddha

E. H. Brewster. The Life of Gotama the Buddha. Compiled from the Pali Canon. London, Kegan Paul.

Narada Thera. The Life of the Buddha in his own words. Colombo, Y.M.B.A.

E. J. Thomas. The Life of Buddha as Legend and History. London, Kegan Paul.

Bhikkhu Silacara. A Young People's Life of the Buddha. Colombo, W. F. Bastian & Company.

Edwin Arnold. The Light of Asia. (Poetical). Many editions. Pivadassi Thera. The Buddha, A Short Study of His Life and His Teachings. Kandy, Buddhist Publication Society.

Kassapa Thera & Siridhamma Thera. The Life of the Buddha. Colombo 1958, Dept. of Cultural Affairs.

II. Translations from the Sutta-pitaka

1. Anthologies

H. C. Warren. Buddhism in Translations. 496 pp. Harvard Oriental Series.

F. L. Woodward. Some Sayings of the Buddha. Oxford Press.

E. J. Thomas. Early Buddhist Scriptures. London, Kegan Paul.

Nyanatiloka Thera, The Path to Deliverance. Colombo, Lake House Bookshop.

David Maurice. The Lion's Roar, An Anthology of the Buddha's Teaching. Rider & Co.

Selected Buddhist Texts from the Pali Canon. (Sutta translations from 'The Wheel' Series) Vol. I-lI) Buddhist Publication Society, Kandy.

2. Complete Texts

Prof. T. W. Rhys Davids, Tr. Dialogues of the Buddha (Diigha Niikaaya). London, Pali Text Society. 3 vols.

I. B. Horner, Tr. The Middle Length Sayings (Majjhima Nikaaya). Pali Text Society. 3 vols.

F. L. Woodward and F. M. Hare, Tr. Gradual Sayings (Anguttara Nikaaya). Pali Text Society. 5 vols.

C. A. F. Rhys Davids and F. L. Woodward, Tr. Kindred Sayings (Sa.myutta Nikaaya). Pali Text Society. 5 vols.

Narada Thera, Tr. Dhammapada (Pali text with English prose translation). Wisdom of the East Series, John Murray.

Professor S. Radakrishnan, Tr. Dhammapada. London, George Allen & Unwin.

F. M. Hare, Tr. Woven cadences (Sutta Nipaata). (Sacred Books of the Buddhists). Pali Text Society.

FL. Woodward, Tr. Minor Anthologies. Vol. II: Udaana and Itivuttaka. (Sacred Books of the Buddhists). Pali Text Society.

C. A. F. Rhys Davids, Tr. Songs of the Brethren (Theragaatha). Pali Text Society.

C. A. F. Rhys Davids, Tr. Songs of the Sisters (Therigaatha). Pali Text Society.

3. Single Discourses

Soma Thera. The Way of Mindfulness (Transl. of the Satipatthaana Sutta and its Commentary, 3rd ed.) Buddhist Publication Society.

Soma Thera. Right Understanding (Transl. of the 9th Discourse of Majjhima Nikaaya and its Commentary). Colombo, Lake House Bookshop.

The Wheel Series contains annotated translations of many Discourses. Buddhist Publication Society.

III. Abhidhamma

Nyanatiloka Mahathera. Guide through the Abhidhamma Pi.taka (Synopsis of all 7 Abhidhamma Books). 3rd ed. Colombo 1971, Lake House Bookshop.

Narada Thera. A Manual of Abhidhamma (Abhidhammattha Sangaha). Pali text, translation and explanatory notes. 2nd ed. Buddhist Publication Society.

Shwe Zan Aung & C. A. F. Rhys Davids, Tr. Compendium of Philosophy (Abhidhammattha Sangaha). Pali Text Society.

Dr. W. F. Jayasuriya. The Psychology and Philosophy of Buddhism, An Introduction to the Abbidhamma. M. D. Gunasena & Co., Colombo.

Anagarika B. Govinda. Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy and its systematic representation according to Abhidhamma tradition. Rider & Co.

Nyanaponika Thera. Abhidhamma Studies. Researches in Buddhist Psychology. 2nd enlarged Ed. Kandy, Buddhist Publication Society.

IV. Non-canonical Pali Literature

I. B. Horner, Tr. Milinda's Questions. 2 vols. Pali Text Society.

T. W. Rhys Davids, Tr. The Ouestions of King Milinda. 2 vols. Dover Books.

Buddhaghosa (Bhikkhu ~Naanamoli, Tr.) The Path of Purification (Visuddhi Magga). 2nd ed. A. Semage, Colombo. (The most important and comprehensive systematic treatment of the entire Buddhist teachings).

V. Historical Literature

B. C. Law. History of Pali Literature. 2 vols. London, Kegan Paul.

S. C. Banerji. An introduction to Pali Literature. Punthi Pustak, Calcutta.

M. Wiinternitz. History of Indian Literature, Vol. II: Buddhist and Jain Literature. Calcutta University.

T. W. Rhys Davids. Buddhist India.

F. J. Thomas. History of Buddhist Thought. London, Kegan Paul.

G. P. Malalasekera. Pali Literature of Ceylon. M. D. Gunasena & Co., Colombo.

E. W. Adikaram. Early History of Buddhism in Ceylon. Colombo, 1946, Lake House Bookshop.

H. R. Perera. Buddhism in Ceylon, Its Past & Present. Buddhist Publication Society.

Karuna Kusalasaya. Buddhism in Thailand, Its Past and Present. Buddhist Publication Society.

VI. General Literature

Nyanatiloka Thera. Buddhist Dictionary: A Manual of Buddhist Terms & Doctrines. 3rd enlarged ed., Frewin & Co., Colombo, 1971.

Nyanatiloka Thera. Fundamentals of Buddhism: Four Lectures. Lake House Bookshop, Colombo.

Piyadassi Thera. The Buddha's Ancient Path. Rider & Co.

Nyanasatta Thera. Basic Tenets of Buddhism: Aids to the Study and Teaching of the Dhamma. Ananda Semage, Colombo 11.

Narada Thera. Buddhism in a Nutshell. Buddhist Publication Society.

Khantipalo Bhikkhu. Buddhism Explained: An Introduction to the Teaching of Lord Buddha. Social Science Association Press, Bangkok.

Dr. Walpola Rahula. What the Buddha Taught. Gordon Frazer, Oxford. (also Grove Press, NY.)

R. G. de S. Wettimuny. Buddhism and its Relation to Religion and Science. M. D. Gunasena & Co., Colombo,

Nyanaponika Thera. The Heart of Buddhist Meditation (Satipa.t.thana). 3rd enlarged ed., Rider & Co.

P. Vajira~nana Mahathera. Buddhist Meditation in Theory and Practice. M. D. Gunasena & Co., Colombo.

Nanamoli Thera. Mindfulness of Breathing: Buddhist Texts from the Pali Canon & Commentaries. Buddhist Publication Society.

K. N. Jayatilleke. Early Buddhist Theory of Knowledge. George Allen & Unwin.

G. P. Malalasekera, Ed. Encylopaedia of Buddhism: Vol. 1, Vol. II, fasc. 1ff (to be continued). Published by the Government of Ceylon (Distributors: K. V. G. de Silva & Sons, Colombo).

VII. Periodicals

The Maha Bodhi, A Monthly Journal for International Buddhist Brotherhood. Calcutta, Maha Bodhi Society

The Middle Way. A quarterly; organ of the Buddhist Society, London, W.C.I.

The Buddhist. Monthly organ of the Colombo Y.M.B.A. Colombo.

World Buddhism. Monthly international Buddhist News Magazine. PubIished at 91/1 Dutugemunu St., Dehiwala, Ceylon.


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