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Venerable Nyanatiloka Mahathera

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Works of the Author

In English

The Word of the Buddha (Abridged) Students' Edition. Colombo 1946, Y.M.B.A.

Guide through the Abhidamma-Pitaka 3rd Ed.. Colombo 1971, Lake House Bookshop.

Fundamentals of Buddhism: Four Lectures. Colombo 1949, Lake House Bookshop.

Buddhist Dictionary: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines, 3rd Ed. Colombo 1971, Frewin & Co., Ltd.

Path to Deliverance, 2nd Ed. Colombo 1959, Lake House Bookshop.

The Buddha's Teaching of Egolessness (Anattaa). Colombo 1957.

The Influence of Buddhism on a People. Kandy 1958, Buddhist Publication Society.

In German

Das Wort des Buddha. 1906 f., Konstanz 1953

Anguttara-Nikaaya (Trans., 5 vols.). 1906 f. ; reprint 1969

Milinda-Pa~nha (transl., 2 vols.). 606 pp., 1918 f.

Dhammapada. (Pali text, metrical transl., commentary; in M.S.)

Puggala-Pa~n~natti (transl.). 1910

Abhidhammattha-Sangaha. Kornpendi urn der Buddh istschen Phiolsophie (in M.S.)

Visuddhi Magga (complete transl.). Konstanz 1952.

Fhrer durch das Abhidhamma-Pitaka (in M.S.)

Systematische Paligrammatik. 1911.

Pali Anthologie umid Woerterbuch. (Anthology and Glossary; 2 vols.). 1928.

Grundlebren des Buddhismus (in M.S.).

Weg zur Erloesung (Path to Deliverance). Konstanz 1956.

Buddhistisches Worterbuch. Konstanz 1957.

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