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Abhidhamma in daily life

Nina Van Gorkom

[01] The Four Paramattha Dhammas
[02] The Five Khandhas
[03] Different Aspects Of Citta
[04] The Characteristic Of Lobha
[05] Different Degrees Of Lobha
[06] The Characteristic Of Dosa
[07] Ignorance
[08] Ahetuka Cittas
[09] The Ahetuka Cittas Which Are Unknown In Daily Life
[10] The First Citta In Life
[11] Different Types Of Patisandhi- Citta
[12] The Function Of Bhavanga
[13] Functions Of Citta In The Sense-Door Process And In The Mind-Door Process
[14] The Function Of Javana
[15] The Functions Of Tadarammana And Cuti
[16] Objects And Doors
[17] Doors And Physical Bases Of Citta
[18] Elements
[19] The Sobhana Cittas In Our Life
[20] Planes Of Existence
[21] Samatha
[22] Jhanacittas
[23] Lokuttara Cittas
[24] Enlightenment

See also the Vietnamese version, translated by Bhikkhu Thien-Minh

Source: Dhamma Study Group, http://www.dhammastudy.com

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