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The Mind in Early Buddhism

Bhikkhu Thich Minh Thanh

New Delhi, 2001

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Appendix 1

T. W. Rhys Davids's scheme of stratification
abstracted by B. C. Law (HPL: 1) vs that by K. L. Hazra (PLL: 151).


By B. C. Law

By K. L. Hazra


The simple statements of Buddhist doctrine now found, in identical words, in paragraphs or verses recurring in all the books.

Several statements of Buddhist documents which are now found in paragraphs or verses recurring in all the books.


Episodes found, in identical words, in two or more of the existing books.

Episodes which are found in two or more of the existing books.


The Sīlas, the Pārāyaṇa, the Octades, the Pātimokkha.

(basically the same)


The Dīgha, Majjhima, Aṅguttara, and Saṃyutta Nikāyas.

(basically the same)


The Sutta Nipāta, the Thera and Therīgāthā, the Udānas, and the Khuddhakapatha.

(basically the same)


The Suttavibhaṅga and the Khandhakas.

(totally the same)


The Jātakas and the Dhammapadas.

(totally the same)


The Niddesa, the Itivuttakas, and the Paṭisambhidāmagga.

(totally the same)


The Peta and Vimana Vattthus, the Apadanas, the Cariya Piṭaka, and the Buddha Vaṃsa.

(basically the same)


The Abhidhamma books; the last of which is the Kathavatthu and the earliest probably the Puggalapaññatti.

(basically nothing different but Hazra's diction is more definite)

It would be out of point for us to decide which abstract is more precise, we merely note the differences in No. 1, 2, and 10.


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Sincere thanks to Venerable Thich Minh-Thanh for giving the digital files (Binh Anson, 01-2004)

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