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The Gentle Way of Buddhist Meditation

Dhamma Talks by Godwin Samararatne,
Hongkong, 1997


This is the transcript of a set of Dhamma Talks given by Mr. Godwin Samararatne during a public series of talks and a subsequent meditation retreat in Hong Kong in 1997. Godwin is a Sri Lankan lay teacher who was a long-time student of Ven. Nyanaponika. Most of the year, he stays outside Kandy at the Nilambe Meditation Centre, which he founded. He also visits Europe, India, South Africa and Hong Kong every year to give talks and lead retreats. A book on Godwin's approach (working title: "The Gentle Way") is now being written by Ven S. Dhammika.

The tapes were transcribed by Leung Yuk-ching.



1. Dhamma Talks (Chi Lin Nunnery)

(1) Why We Should Meditate
(2) Importance of Awareness
(3) Importance of the Dhamma
(4) Mindfulness on Breathing
(5) Loving Kindness Meditation
(6) Meditation and Emotions
(7) Meditation in Everyday Life

2. Talks during the Meditation Retreat (Fa Yim Kok, Lantau Island)

(1) Some suggestions of what we can try to do during the retreat
(2) Sharing on What Happened on That Day
(3) Benefits of Loving Kindness Meditation
(4) Emotions
(5) Thought and Meditation
(6) Integrate Meditation with Daily Life
(7) Summary and Conclusion -
Appendix: Eulogy by Bhikkhu Bodhi, Sri Lanka, March 2000

Acknowledgement: Sincere thanks to Paul Baran, who kindly sent the transcript in WinWord format, in November 1998.
(Updated: 01/04/2000)

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