A Factorial Analysis of the Noble Eightfold Path 
                           (Pali and English)
  I Samma ditthi                                   Right view  
       dukkhe nana                                   understanding suffering
       dukkhasamudaye nana                           understanding its origin
       dukkhanirodhe nana                            understanding its cessation
       dukkhanirodhagaminipatipadaya nana            understanding the way 
                                                        leading to its cessation 
  II. Samma sankappa                               Right intention
       nekkhamma-sankappa                             intention of renunciation
       abyapada-sankappa                              intention of good will
       avihimsa-sankappa                              intention of harmlessness
  III. Samma vaca                                  Right speech
       musavada veramani                             abstaining from false speech
       pisunaya vacaya veramani                      abstaining from slanderous speech
       pharusaya vacaya veramani                     abstaining from harsh speech
       samphappalapa veramani                        abstaining from idle chatter
  IV. Samma kammanta                               Right action
       panatipata veramani                           abstaining from taking life
       adinnadana veramani                           abstaining from stealing
       kamesu micchacara veramani                    abstaining from sexual misconduct
  V. Samma ajiva                                   Right livelihood
       miccha ajivam pahaya                          giving up wrong livelihood, 
       samma ajivena jivitam kappeti                 one earns one's living by a right
                                                          form of livelihood
  VI. Samma vayama                                 Right effort
       samvarappadhana                               the effort to restrain defilements
       pahanappadhana                                the effort to abandon defilements
       bhavanappadhana                               the effort to develop wholesome states
       anurakkhanappadhana                           the effort to maintain wholesome states
  VII. Samma sati                                  Right mindfulness
       kayanupassana                                  mindful contemplation of the body
       vedananupassana                                mindful contemplation of feelings
       cittanupassana                                 mindful contemplation of the mind
       dhammanupassana                                mindful contemplation of phenomena
  VIII. Samma samadhi                              Right concentration
       pathamajjhana                                 the first jhana
       dutiyajjhana                                  the second jhana
       tatiyajjhana                                  the third jhana
       catutthajjhana                                the fourth jhana

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